Hey folks, I checked the following gadgets in Dubai’s electronics market, and you can also watch the video about it on my YouTube:
iPhone 11, iPhone 11Pro, iPhone X, and iPad Air
iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro seemed to be in good health. There no scratches, battery, and the LCD are fine. The retailer is ready to give you a 10 days warranty which is a healthy sign, and we can expect better quality.

General Tips on Buying a Used iPhone in Dubai

From my experience, when the retailer is not confident of the quality they would usually give you a checking warranty. Now that is problematic, as you cannot assess a phone in a few minutes. For example, you need at least a few hours with the phone to check the batter. Watch the full video and see the problem highlighted with iPhone X.

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You can get better prices in the electronics market of Dubai, only if you know what you are buying.

Don’t worry. if you don’t know how to assess the quality of a gadget, then this site is here to help. However, you can always buy from the official stores or retailers in the malls. The prices are high in the malls but you will get the original warranty and products for sure. For Apple products, go straight to the Apple Store in Dubai Mall, MOE,  and Yas Island. 

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Used iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Prices in Deira, Dubai

iPhone 11 Pro 256 GB Price: 2675 AED Condition: Secondhand

iPhone 11 256 GB Price: 2000 AED Condition: Secondhand

iPad Air 16 GB Price: 600 AED Condition: Secondhand

iPhone X 64 GB Price: 700 Condition: LCD changed